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Hi I'm Carla
I'm the host of
The Roller Coaster Room
A Social Community Of Peers Living with Mental Illness.

The website co-founder Alison and I both live with
Bipolar Disorder and both reside in Canada.
We created this website with the goal of providing a
relaxed, casual, social resource
for people living with mental illness.
We hope to help make it a little easier to cope with the
daily challenges and feelings of isolation that often occur
when living with mental illness.
It is my belief that sharing with peers can help lessen the
negative impact of the stigma and discrimination
that can be experienced by people living with mental illness.
We opened May 6, 2018
We are thrilled with the success of our little community so far.
Please join in and enjoy the excitement of this fresh,
new community full of new ideas and enthusiasm!
Contact information
Combating Isolation
Many people who live with mental illness feel isolated
from society for a variety of reasons.  
One of the goals of the Roller Coaster Room is to help
alleviate that isolated feeling with a fun, social platform
where adults who live with mental illness can socialize with
their peers.
The Chat Rooms
For security reasons members are required to
register in order to access the chat rooms.

*Please be respectful of other chatters*
*Discrimination will not be tolerated*
*Racism will not be tolerated*
*Aggressive sexual behavior will not be tolerated*
*Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated*
*Harassment will not be tolerated*

The Carousel Room encourages an interactive socializing experience
by combining the text chat room next to the FunHouse,
a file sharing window where members share
photos, jokes, music and more.
The members organize various activities.
On Fridays, Saturdays and special occasions members enjoy
music themes that make for a lively weekend distraction.
Throughout the week members organize task motivation sessions,
join in  stretching and exercising videos
and more.
The Roller Coaster Room is a casual community of
adults from all over the world who live with
Mental Illness and utilize the website to provide
distraction, laughs and socializing
with others who understand the challenges of
living with mental illness.
The chat rooms can be a great resource for learning
how others cope with their own mental illness.
Members hail from various places around the world
and are of a wide range of ages.
The conversations found in the Chat Rooms can vary from
light hearted, humorous banter to insightful and helpful discussions
about subjects of all kinds including
mental illness and living with mental illness.

*The members of this community are NOT therapists or doctors*
The Games Room
In the games room you find a selection of puzzles, card games and other
games that can help exercise memory and cognitive functions,
focus concentration and combat ruminating.
They can be helpful as a distraction from intrusive thoughts
and they can be a lot of fun too!

Have fun exploring what the Roller Coaster has to
The Members
The chat room is attracting new members daily and currently has a regular user
base of approx 80 members who use the website daily or weekly
as well as members who visit less often.
You will find people from all over the world, of all ages from 20's to 60's.
They are a friendly, caring group who take interest in the daily achievements
of others and empathize with the challenges of living with mental illness.